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Treat yourself to a Healthy Body Massage! Click the links below to learn more about the services we offer.

Relaxation Massage Hot Lava Stone Lymphatic Drainage
Thai Massage Cranial Sacral Therapy Auto Injury Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage Couples Massages Pelvic Stablization
Pregnancy Massage Massage Packages
Relaxation Massage
Let go of the cares of the day. This classic Swedish massage technique uses long, flowing strokes to reduce your stress and energize your body as all your tension is gently kneaded away. You will leave with a renewed sense of well being.
30 minutes - $40      1 hour - $75      1 1/2 hours - $110
Thai Massage
Rejuvenating -- and unlike anything you've experienced before! This more vigorous form of massage therapy pumps the muscle, blood, and lymph as it simultaneously lubricates joints and stretches tight muscles. The body is then gently compressed, stretched, and moved for you, creating deep relaxation and increasing the range of motion in all your joints. This thousand-year-old technique uses skilled hand placement along the energy lines to stimulate the flow of energy and calm the nervous system. You will be balanced and harmonized, while your posture and flexibility are improved. Thai massage uses no oil; clients wear exercise clothes.
30 minutes - $40      1 hour - $75      1 1/2 hours - $110
Deep Tissue Massage
This penetrating therapy uses deep compression techniques that skillfully target problem areas to free muscles and joints from pain and increase range of motion. Your therapist will start with a lighter touch and gauge your response to determine the optimal pressure to relieve your tension and pain.
30 minutes - $45      1 hour - $85      1 1/2 hours - $115
Pregnancy Massage
Expectant mothers undergo dramatic changes to their body structure and chemistry, often leading to discomfort and muscle stress. Pregnancy massage is designed to alleviate these symptoms and enhance the well being of mother and baby. Your body will be completely supported while your aches and soreness are gently eased away.
30 minutes - $40      1 hour - $75      1 1/2 hours - $110
Hot Lava Stone
Come experience muscular tension slowly melt away with the gentle but lasting heat of perfectly smooth hot lava stones place with precision for ultimate relaxation. This style of massage offers both deep tissue release and the gentle relaxing strokes that make this massage so sought after. Cool stones are used to remove heat from inflamed areas and hot stones are used to soften knots and strained areas. The combination of heat, pressure, and stillness allow your body to come back to a state of refreshed newness. You’ll never forget the day you get this massage.
30 minutes - $40       45 minutes - $55       60 minutes - $75       90 minutes - $110      
Cranial Sacral Therapy
You must experience this subtle technique for yourself to understand why it is sought by so many for relief of pain and tension. This is the most gentle massage touch. The head (cranium/skull) and sacrum (last large bone of the spine) are held, and any tension felt within the body's big bag of water (skin) is manipulated to the point of release. This technique frees movement in all directions; releases shoulder, head, and neck tension; and relieves the weight of pain like magic. The client remains clothed.
30 minutes - $30      1 hour - $55      1 1/2 hours - $75
Lymphatic Drainage
The build-up of impurities in the lymph system blocks energy and causes sluggishness and pain. By encouraging lymphatic drainage, this therapy releases toxins from tissues and clears them from the body. This reduces inflammation and improves immune function. You will feel lighter, brighter, and truly cleansed. This therapy is recommended in conjunction with a fast.
30 minutes - $40      1 hour - $75      1 1/2 hours - $110
Couples Massage
Welcome to Healthy Body Massage Therapy for 2. We have finally found the perfect room for a 2 person Side-By-Side massage, a.k.a. Couples Massage. Relax together and unwind for 60, 90 or 120 minutes as skilled massage therapists give a full body massage or focus on the areas you feel needs attention. Enjoy the soft music as your body is refreshed with pure essential oils and the highest quality massage oils. We invite you to schedule with us or share this as a gift. Couples Massage is a perfect gift for: Wedding Anniversaries, Girls Day Out, Mother & Daughter Day or Father & Son time. You can always expect the highest professional standards making is easy to relax and enjoy your massage. Buy online or call to purchase.
30 minutes - $95      1 hour - $150      1 1/2 hours - $195      2 hours - $250
Auto Injury Therapy
The shock of an accident can compromise your entire body. This healing therapy helps relieve injuries and accident trauma. The process begins with a thorough intake interview and examination of the structure and injured tissues. All areas of pain are documented and specifically addressed from headache, to neck and jaw problems, back aches, and leg pains. Heidi works in conjunction with a D.C., M.D., or Osteopath to restore the body to pre-injury status.
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Pelvic Stablization
Includes a consultation, spinal evaluation, muscular assessment, and a full back massage. This highly specialized therapy targets low back troubles and hip alignment that are often over looked with chronic low back pain. The focus of this massage technique and body movements is leveling the leg lengths and teaching proper body mechanics to the client.
First visit 60 minutes - $85      Follow-up visits 30 minutes - $45
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Heidi Valles and Healthy Body Massage Therapy in the Grants Pass Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon

"I liked the progression of the session -- first, the discussion of the pain I was feeling; then the assessment of posture and how it was a reflection of my body's pain; then easing into the massage by inviting my body to relax and accept the opportunity to ease its pain; and finally the specific work to address the problems. It all felt very connected and intentional."

Kate C.
Computer consultant

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