Massage therapy in Grants Pass Southern Oregon
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In a tranquil setting, clients are treated to therapy sessions that are custom designed for their specific needs.

"I had the fortuitous opportunity to meet Heidi during a recent lengthy stay in Merlin, Oregon. I am seriously involved in a variety of sporting activities, and at home in the United Kingdom I attend a sports massage clinic around 3 times a week during competition times. Therapy has always been very deep and extremely painful at times, but I always assumed this went with this type of treatment. Whilst on vacation I was choosing to run around 6 times a week, so when I discovered Heidi's vocation I requested some sports massage therapy for my legs. I took advantage of her block booking discount and was encouraged when Heidi suggested I experiment with some of her new techniques, although I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first as they did not hurt. In fact, they were relaxing and most enjoyable. However, the results spoke for themselves. My body felt better than ever and therefore my running naturally improved. My whole body and mind reacted favourably to each and every treatment.

"Heidi has a unique intuitive feel to the work she does and can determine the right approach and treatment for each individual on each given day. Her dedicated, caring, and sincere attitude towards her therapy is a gift for your whole body. I can recommend Heidi with confidence because I have had the privilege to meet many therapists during my sporting career and none have matched either Heidi's broad knowledge of the variety of techniques nor her experienced application and approach. You have to give it a try to experience the results for yourself, but I can assure you it is worth it."

Karen C.
Insurance Saleswoman
United Kingdom, 2008

"After I was in an auto accident, I received therapy massages from Heidi to help relieve the pain that I was having. During one of the sessions Heidi advised me that a deep tissue massage may just be the relief that I needed. I remember feeling like I must be in heaven during the massage and when she was done she said, "I gave you all I got". She is so knowledgeable about the body and how what you put into effects how you feel. Heidi knows the most effective way to treat each symptom that you have all the way down to the soul. Thank you Heidi for everything!"

Jennifer L.

"My left hip and leg were very sore because of a sprained pelvis. Heidi worked my whole body and the next day I felt so much better. She is an excellent massage therapist!"

Chris A.
Office Administrator

"Heidi seems able to diagnose the cause of what is creating problems in my body. In two sessions she has made a marked change in my presenting symptoms. Excellent hip work. She is a natural."

Henry H.
School Teacher

"I liked the progression of the session -- first, the discussion of the pain I was feeling; then the assessment of posture and how it was a reflection of my body's pain; then easing into the massage by inviting my body to relax and accept the opportunity to ease its pain; and finally the specific work to address the problems. It all felt very connected and intentional."

Kate C.
Computer Consultant

"Heidi represents true professionalism. She has a gift for relating with me and helping me to work with her during my sessions to gain balance. Heidi is a gift to her profession and a true practitioner that I believe can commune with a higher order to bring her gifts to bear in the present moment during our sessions. She has been blessed and I have benefited from her gifts."

Dr. Paul M.
Research Scientist

"Heidi worked on my lower back, where I have stiffness and soreness, secondary to 2 discetomies @ L5-S1. With my left hip she used resistance stretching and passive ROM which was wonderful, then the iliacus muscle with light pressure. Afterward I was very much improved, less pain and stiffness. Heidi was very gentle, informative, and frequently asked for my feedback which I very much appreciated."

Marsha K.
Speech Therapist

"I felt entirely comfortable with Heidi's approach and impressed with her mental analysis and physical assessment of my symptoms, body posture and alignment. I strongly believe her intuitive sense is well correlated with the physical skills she has learned. She was mindful of draping and comfort during the session, which I found valuable so that I had no anxiety about increased pain from her modalities."

Patricia M.

"My experience was awesome! I feel better from just one session. Heidi made me feel comfortable and relaxed. The pressure she used when massaging me was perfect. She did an excellent job."

Michelle W.
High School Senior

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"Each human being is a unique expression of genes, environment, and experiences. We each carry memories of pains that can only be released by a touch that is acceptable to our individual makeup. My goal as a therapist is to put together the right mix of techniques that best promotes each individual's health and wellbeing."

Heidi Valles, LMT
Healthy Body Massage Therapy

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