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Secrets of a Healthy Body
by Heidi Valles, LMT 13265


To see a flowing river is to see energy in action. But when the river is dammed up, the energy is blocked and the water stops flowing. It is much the same with the energy that runs though our body. Uninhibited, it flows wherever it is needed with ease. But if we get a little kink in the neck or back, the flow gets blocked and weakness and pain result. Suddenly our signature upright posture is no longer effortless, and even turning our head can be a problem.

When we fail to respond by doing all we know to restore balance and well-being, we continue to suffer. Over time a few bad days turn into a rare good day. We must learn to listen to what our body is asking for so we can return to health.

A healing massage helps free the blocked energy so the body is revitalized. Massage therapy is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle because it keeps you alert to what is going on in your body and gets you back in the flow.

Don't agree to live with pain, tension, and restricted movement. Keep your standard for a healthy body high. Experience how massage therapy can keep the river of life flowing in you. Come in for a relaxation or deep tissue massage this month. Call for an appointment today and let me help restore your healthy body.

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Heidi Valles and Healthy Body Massage Therapy in the Grants Pass Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon

"I liked the progression of the session -- first, the discussion of the pain I was feeling; then the assessment of posture and how it was a reflection of my body's pain; then easing into the massage by inviting my body to relax and accept the opportunity to ease its pain; and finally the specific work to address the problems. It all felt very connected and intentional."

Kate C.
Computer consultant

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